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3D2N Jungle Survival Intro Merekek Campsite RM 790.00 RM 760.00


Here are some tips on what to do if you are in such a situation – lost in the jungle.
To be lost simply means you are all alone and you cannot see or hear your friends anywhere. Your first reaction is do not panic.
Apply the S.T.O.P approach — Stop, Think, Observe and Plan.

STOP – Take a deep breath, sit down if possible, calm yourself and recognise that whatever has happened to get you here cannot be undone. You are now in a survival situation and that requires you to:

THINK – Your most important asset is your brain. Use it! Don’t panic! Move with deliberate care. Take no action, even a step forward, until you have thought it through.

OBSERVE – Take a look around you. Assess your situation and options. Take stock of your supplies, equipment and surroundings.

PLAN – Prioritize your immediate needs and develop a plan to systematically deal with the emergency. Make a plan and keep to it. Adjust your plan only as necessary to deal with changing circumstances.
– In most cases, the priority should be:
– Find or make a shelter against the weather.
– Build a fire for heat.
– Signal to attract attention.
– Find water.



  1. Raincoat, thermal clothing, windbreaker. Also extra shorts and t-shirts for activities
  2. A bottle of drinking water or water bottle for refill
  3. Cap or hat
  4. Extra thick socks
  5. A good torch light or head lamp
  6. Toiletries, towel and other items of personal use.
  7. Use good trekking shoes or non-slippery sport shoes
  8. Plastic bags to keep wet items
  9. High energy food (chocolate, nuts, raisins, glucose sweets)
  10. Headache tablets
  11. Paper tissues
  12. Plasters for cuts or blisters


  1. All guide are from NATIVE local people. English speaking guide are on request and subject to availability.
  2. For family chalet and standard chalets are fully equipped with bathroom and cold showers.
  3. The chalets are non air conditioned.
  4. Basic chalets or Jungle Hut are equipped with 2 foam mattresses and a fan. The bathroom is common bathrooms. Sleeping bags and air pillows will be provided.
  5. For dormitories the beds are double deckers. Please bring your own blankets. Bathrooms and toilets are in the dorms. The beds are equipped with pillows and mattresses.
  6. For campers tents, sleeping bags and air pillows will be provided. There is a proper bathrooms for ladies and gents. Also there is a proper dining areas.
  7. For Muslim clients there are surau at pondok, chalet and camping areas.
  8. Participants should note that an adventure trip involves risk. Whilst we make every effort to safeguard our guest, we cannot be held responsible for personal injury or loss due to the action of clients which are beyond our control. A signed release or Indemnity Form will be required from all participants.
  9. We and our partners reserve the right to make such alteration to departure and completion dates, reducing the extent of a trip, etc, that we deem necessary due to road, river or weather conditions or other conditions beyond our control including minimum safe running numbers, before and whilst on a trip.
  10. Postponement notice will be provided by us or our partner prior to the trip. Due to bad weather or high water in which high risks is unavoidable or insufficient participants. All payment will be transferred to a later date of same trip scheduled or a full refund to guest if services not rendered.
  11. Guest may postpone the trip to the later date but no cancellation shall be entertained. NO REFUND for cancellation by guest.


  • 4WD Return Transfer from Bekok - Selai - Bekok
  • 2 nights accommodation in Campsite / Tent
  • 2 Breakfast, 3 Lunch & 2 Dinner
  • Insurance & Entrance Permit
  • Conservation Fee
  • 3D2N Jungle Survival & Guide Tour
  • Activities : Jungle Survival Program, Trekking to waterfalls, Water Tubing and Night Walk
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Day 1

1000hrs : Arrive Bekok & registration at Endau Rompin Selai National Park Office
Transfer by 4 wheel drive to Merekek campsite

1130hrs : Arrived at campsite at Lubok Merekek. Set up camp. Participants will be taught the right way to set up tents.

1300hrs : Pack Lunch

1400hrs : Trekking will start from Lubok Merekek and passing through Lubok Tapah to Pandan Waterfalls. there will be things to be learned along the way and the guides will be on hand explain.

1. Identifying/collection of edible/medicinal leaves . A lot of these have been planted at Lubok Tapah.
2. Identifying drinkable wild vines and plants.
3. Identifying edible wild plants and fruits.
4. Identifying source of water safe to drink without boiling. The water come from underground also known as "mata air". The water from the main rivers maybe contaminated.

The falls is more than 100 feet high over a vertical rock wall. We will return to based camp after having a good rest as the trek back is much easier as we will follow the river back to main trek leading to the base camp at Lubok Merekek.

1900hrs : Rest and dinner. Next activity collection of firewood and starting and maintaining fire.

2100hrs : we will go for a night jungle walk provided there is no rain and along the 4 wheel drive trek. Lookout for foxes, porcupines, wild cats, mouse deer, snakes etc.

Day 2

0800hrs Breakfast

0900hrs Water tubing with rubber tubes a one hour to two hours activity.

1300hrs : Lunch

1400hrs : Practical jungle survival lessons begins,

1. Collection of firewood
2. Starting fires using available natural resources. Maintenance of fire for warmth, light and cooking.
3. Participants will be taught how to tie fishing hooks and prepare fishing line and finally placing the fishing line at the right places.
4. Participants will be taught to clean the chicken the traditional way.

Preparing dinner the survival way :
5. Preparing fish and chicken dinner. E.g. BBQ fish and chicken
6. Cooking rice and other available dishes in bamboo and wild leaf.
7. Preparing BBQ tapioca.

1900hrs : Dinner will be what we practiced so we have to ensure that the food is cooked.

2000hrs : The tents will be discarded. Participants will be asked to experience sleeping in the open and the campfire is required to be maintained until morning.
Participants will be allocated time for them to take care of the fire. The fire will provide warmth and keep wild animals away.

2200hrs : Campfire night

Day 3

0700hrs : Breakfast and break camp.

0900hrs : Animal trapping demonstration.

1000hrs : Lesson in compass orienteering.

1100hrs : Lesson in basic knots

1200hrs : Lunch

1300hrs : Depart by 4WD to Bekok

Download pdf brochure